Exploring the chalk beds

However you explore the reef, knowing what the tide and weather are doing is important.

The button below links to a good indication of the weather, sea state and tide from Weybourne to Cromer.

East of Cromer the tide becomes gradually later as you go southwards along the coast. The weather and sea state may also be different so enter your chosen coastal location for a more accurate forecast.

Although the reef is not far from the shore in many parts of the coast, on most beaches you won’t be able to see the chalk reef. And unless you are a diver or snorkeller, you can’t experience the designated chalk reef directly, as the designated area starts 200 metres below the tidal low water mark.

But there are some locations where the chalk reef can be seen and explored on the beach when the tide is out. Many of the creatures that inhabit the chalk reef below low water can also be found in these inter-tidal areas of chalk if you look carefully.